Publications of the Department of Biochemistry

Complete and selected publication lists by professors and scientific employees of the department.


Publications of the Department of Biochemistry

Weirich S, Kusevic D, Schnee P, Reiter J, Pleiss J & Jeltsch A. (2024) Discovery of new NSD2 non-histone substrates and design of a super-substrate. Communications Biology 7:707. Publisher Link

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Choudalakis M, Bashtrykov P*, Jeltsch A* (2024) RepEnTools: An automated repeat enrichment analysis package for ChIP-seq data reveals hUHRF1 Tandem-Tudor domain enrichment in young repeats. Mobile DNA, 15(1):6. PubMed Link

Köhler AR, Haußer J, Harsch A, Bernhardt S, Häußermann L, Brenner L-M, Lungu C, Olayioye MA, Bashtrykov P, Jeltsch A. (2024) Modular dual-color BiAD sensors for locus-specific high sensitivity readout of epigenome modifications in single cells. Cell Reports Methods, 100739. PubMed Link

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Albrecht C, Rajaram N, Broche J, Bashtrykov P, Jeltsch A. (2024) Locus-specific and stable DNA demethylation at the H19/IGF2 ICR1 by epigenome editing using a dCas9-SunTag system and the catalytic domain of TET1. Genes 15(1):80. Publisher Link

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Choudalakis M, Kungulovski G, Mauser R, Bashtrykov P, Jeltsch A. (2023) Refined read-out: The hUHRF1 Tandem-Tudor domain prefers binding to histone H3 tails containing K4me1 in the context of H3K9me2/3. Protein Science 32(9):e4760. PMID: 37593997 

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Li Y, Zhao Y, Yan X, Ye C, Weirich S, Zhang B, Wang X, Song L, Jiang C, Jeltsch A, Dong C, Mi W. (2022) CRL2ZER1/ZYG11B recognizes small N-terminal residues for degradation. Nat Commun. 13(1):7636. PMID: 36496439.

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Bröhm A, Schoch T, Grünberger D, Khella MS,  Schuhmacher MK,  Weirich S, Jeltsch A (2022) The H3.3 G34W oncohistone mutation increases K36 methylation by the protein lysine methyltransferase NSD1. Biochimie, 198:86-91. PMID 35341929

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Mack A, Emperle M, Schnee P, Adam S, Pleiss J, Bashtrykov P, Jeltsch A. (2022) Preferential self-interaction of DNA methyltransferase DNMT3A subunits containing the R882H cancer mutation leads to dominant changes of flanking sequence preferences. J Mol Biol., 434(7):167482. PMID: 35131259

Adam S , Bräcker J, Klingel V, Osteresch B, Radde NE, Brockmeyer J, Bashtrykov P, Jeltsch A (2022) Flanking sequences influence the activity of TET1 and TET2 methylcytosine dioxygenases and affect genomic 5hmC patterns. Communications Biology, 5:92. Publisher Link PMID: 35075236

Moorthy NK, Seifert O, Eisler S, Weirich S, Kontermann R, Rehm M, Gavin Fullstone G (2021) Low level endothelial TRAIL-receptor expression obstructs the CNS-delivery of Angiopep-2 functionalised TRAIL-receptor agonists for the
treatment of Glioblastoma. Molecules, 26:7582. PMID: 34946664

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