Institute of Biochemistry and Technical Biochemistry

The Institute of Biochemistry und Technical Biochemistry of the Faculty of Chemistry comprises the departments Biochemistry, Technical Biochemistry and Food Chemistry. Information about our research and teaching can be found on the individual department websites.

> Biochemistry

Prof. Dr. Albert Jeltsch

All life is based on chemical reactions. Biochemistry studies the molecular processes in living systems e.g. metabolism, production of energy, storage and processing of information, and regulation of all these activities. Another important aim is to resolve the structure and function of biomolecules and their interplay. Biochemistry is fundamental for all fields of molecular life sciences reaching from genetics and biotechnology to biomedicine.

> Technical Biochemistry

Prof. Dr. Bernhard Hauer

The department of Technical Biochemistry is convinced that catalysis that utilizes microorganisms as well as isolated enzymes has a considerable influence on the synthesis of novel attractive products by developing greener manufacturing processes. This can only be achieved through a close collaboration between scientists from different fields. This is visible in the department of Technical Biochemistry, which thrives from the special power of interdisciplinary and internationality within our research projects. The exploit of scientific knowledge as well as the expertise to design novel biocatalysts, the opportunities of technological changes and the creation of chemistry-based enzyme engineering are central to our approach.

> Food Chemistry

Prof. Dr. Jens Brockmeyer

The analytic with mass spectrometry plays an important role in the field of Food Chemistry. The department of Food Chemistry focusses on the characterisation of food allergens and their degradation in the gastrointestinal digestion. Another research topic is the development of mass spectrometric methods for the authenticity control of marine, animal-based and plant-based foods.


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