Department of Technical Biochemistry

Research at the Department of Technical Biochemistry is performed in two major areas: Biocatalysis and Bioinformatics.

Research Groups

Bernhard Hauer

Bernhard Hauer is the head of the department and involved in various projects. His research emphases on exploiting the synthetic potential of enzymes. Particular effort is being made on the engineering of active site loops and channels to control substrate as well as product selectivities and even to access non-physiological chemistry.

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Jürgen Pleiss - Bioinformatics

How does the sequence and structure of enzymes determine their biochemical function? How to design variants with increased stability, activity, selectivity, or an extended substrate profile? And how to find novel biocatalysts we desired catalytic activity? In tight collaboration with experimental groups, we combine two complementary computational approaches: we analyze the rapidly increasing sequence space of enzymes by data mining, and we explore complex enzyme-substrate-solvent systems by molecular dynamics simulations.

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