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December 22, 2021 /

ESA funding to study epigenetic effects during spaceflight

Space-ChIP: Epigenetic adaptation of the immune system to long-term orbital spaceflight

Long-duration orbital space-flights are associated with increased levels of psychological stress, acute and chronic exposure to space radiation and microgravity-induced changes, all of which are known to detrimentally impact the immune system. Epigenetic changes play fundamental roles in biological and pathological processes by interpreting environmental signals and regulating gene expression. In a new project funded by the DLR and ESA, the group of Dr. Rathert will investiate genome-wide changes of epigenetic modifications at gene promoters and enhancers, which are acquired during a long-term space-flight in a defined subset of immune cells.


This image shows Philipp Rathert

Philipp Rathert

PD Dr.

Lecturer and group leader

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