New publication in "Biochimie"

November 15, 2017 /

Development of double peptide arrays

New publilcation in "Biochimie"

In this new publication in Biochimie, we introduce a novel double peptide array method to screen for synergistic binding of chromatin interacting proteins with two distinct chromatin marks. The method has been validated using the BPTF protein as an example, which is a well-studied reader protein binding to H3K4me3 and lysine acetylation on H4. Using our novel tool, we observed a strong and synergistic binding of BPTF to mixed peptide arrays. Mixed peptide spot arrays are a powerful, cheap and novel method for screening the combinatorial interaction space of multidomain reading proteins. Using this approach hundreds of mixed peptide spots can be prepared and tested for binding in principle allowing for an unbiased medium throughput investigation.

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