Information about our research can be found on the individual department websites.

> Biochemistry

Research in the department of Biochemistry is in the field of molecular epigenetics, protein/nucleic acid interaction, enzymology, protein homoeostasis and in synthetic biology. In the field of molecular epigenetics, DNA and histone protein methylation are studied as well as protein domains, which recognize these modifications. In the area of synthetic biology, the aim of our work is to improve the properties of enzymes and proteins by rational and evolutive design for different applications and to develop artificial systems for gene regulation.

> Technical Biochemistry

Research in the department of Technical Biochemistry is centered around the fields of biocatalysis, applied bio-processes, bioinformatics and molecular biotechnology. We are convinced that catalysis that utilizes microorganisms as well as isolated enzymes has a considerable influence on the synthesis of novel attractive products by developing greener manufacturing processes.

> Food Chemistry

The department of Food chemistry develops mass spectrometrical methods for the authenticity control of marine, animal-based and plant-based foods. We also focus on the characterisation of allergenic food proteins and their degradation in the gastrointestinal digestion.

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