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November 17, 2022 /

Philipp Rathert receives funding from the DFG

Philipp Rathert receives funding from the DFG. 

Philipp Rathert was successful in securing funding from the DFG. The grant will support a project aiming to explore the regulatory functions of DDX19A. This helicase was shown to exhibit so far unknown nuclear functions in a previous publication by the group of Philipp Rathert, which will be further explored in this new project. Philipp Rathert, group leader at the IBC, is interested in the functional characterization of large chromatin complexes and chromatin regulatory networks. Different layers of cross-talk between several components of this highly complex regulatory system are emerging and misregulation of the epigenome is a feature of many different diseases, especially cancer. A central question became how proteins that act on chromatin or DNA interact with one another to switch genes on or off at the right time point to establish and maintain a healthy cellular state. Advances in our ability to characterize the dynamics and wiring of chromatin regulators, as well as the induced transcriptional output under different conditions, will substantially enhance our understanding of the dynamics of gene regulation. Therefore, Philipp Rathert combines state-of-the-art functional genetic tools (RNAi or CRISPR/Cas9) with cell biology and biochemical assays.

Within the project the Rathert lab is aiming to recruit a new PhD student.

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