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June 9, 2020 /

New substrates of the GID4 complex

Neue Veröffentlichung in "PNAS"

Regulated protein degradation protects cells from misfolded, aggregated, and otherwise abnormal proteins. One function of protein degradation is the quality control of nascent and newly formed proteins. Selective proteolysis eliminates proteins that fold too slowly, misfold, or do not satisfy other requirements of quality control. The Pro/N-degron pathway targets proteins for degradation through their N-terminal proline residue. GID4, a subunit of the GID ubiquitin ligase, is the recognition component of the Pro/N-degron pathway. Here we contributed to a work showing that human GID4 can also recognize hydrophobic N-terminal-residues other than Pro and that a protein with the N-terminal-sequence IGLW is targeted for degradation through the GID4 pathway.

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