New publication in "Epigenetics & Chromatin"

October 23, 2023 /

Allele specific editing of DNA Methylation

New publication in "Epigenetics & Chromatin"

Epigenome editing refers to the targeted epigenome reprogramming of genomic loci using a so-called Epieditor. Allele-specific DNA methylation (ASM) refers to the targeted delivery of DNA methylation only to one allele of a genomic locus. In this publication, we develop methods for ASM using an EpiEditor consisting of an sgRNA/dCas9 complex and the DNMT3A/3L DNA methyltransferase. We demonstrate the successful establishment of ASM in multiple genomic targets with high specificity, efficiency and stability. This form of super-specific epigenome editing could find applications in the treatment of diseases caused by dominant mutations, because it allows the selective silencing of the mutant allele without repression of the normal allele thereby minimizing potential side-effects of the treatment.

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