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Open positions for PhD and student projects in the Department Biochemistry

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In the Department of Biochemistry, three doctoral positions are now available.

Epigenome Editing - The goal of this project is the development of allele-specific epigenome editing, a super-specific form of epigenome editing that targets only one selected allele in the target cell. For this purpose, different chromatin modifying enzymes are coupled to dCas9 systems and directed to the genomic target regions using sgRNAs. The project also plans to test the applicability of this method in personalized medicine. It will be part of a BW funded cooperation with PD Dr. med. S. Bens of the Institute of Human Genetics of the University of Ulm.

Episensor - Development of systems for locus-specific detection of epigenetic signals in human cells. Recently, we have developed a new method using bimolecular anchor/detector (BiAD) sensors to detect epigenetic states in living sites site-specifically in the genome. In this interdisciplinary project, we intend to further develop this technology and investigate epigenetic changes in target genes during cellular differentiation and epithelial to mesenchymal transition (EMT) in mammary epithelial cells. The project is being worked on within the framework of a BW funded cooperation with Prof. M. Olayioye of the Institute for Cell Biology and Immunology of the University of Stuttgart.

Epicircuit - Design of synthetic epigenetic control loops in bacteria. Recently, we described the design of synthetic epigenetic switches that can capture transient environmental signals and store that information in bacterial cells in the form of DNA methylation patterns. In this project, the applicability of artificial epigenetic circuits should be improved and their switching characteristics better understood. Methods of synthetic biochemistry and quantitative dynamic modeling will be used to gain a mechanistic understanding of regulatory principles, information processing and epigenetic storage, increase their performance and complexity, and capture additional input signals. The project will be funded by a DFG-funded cooperation with Prof. Dr. med. N. Radde (Institute of Systems Theory and Control Engineering, University of Stuttgart).

All positions are to be filled for 3 years initially at salary level TVLE13 (50%). We offer a scientifically active environment at the interface of Biochemistry, Molecular Epigenetics and Synthetic Biology, modern facilities and a good working atmosphere. We expect high engagement, excellent degrees and relevant experimental experiences.

Applications should only be sent electronically with motivation letter, current credentials, contact addresses for references, CV and a compilation of the project-relevant experimental knowledge to Prof. Dr. Albert Jeltsch at:

B.Sc. and M.Sc. thesis projects

We are always looking for engaged and interested students of Technical Biology or Chemistry (or qualified external applicants) for scientifically oriented M.Sc. and M.Sc. thesis projects.

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