Special issue on Protein Methyltransferasen in "Life"

March 26, 2022 /

Prof. Jeltsch edited a special editino on protein methyltransferasen in "Life"

Prof. Jeltsch edited a special editino on protein methyltransferasen in "Life"

Protein methylation is an essential post-translational modification of histone and non-histone proteins involved in numerous important biological processes. Together with Dr. A. Dhayalan from Pondicherri University in India, Prof. Jeltsch edited a special issue in Life entitled "Structure, Activity, and Function of Protein Methyltransferases”. It presents a collection of 17 review articles about individual protein methyltransferases written by leading experts in the field. Topics covered in the individual reviews include structural aspects (domain architecture, homologs and paralogs, structure), biochemical properties (mechanism, sequence specificity, product specificity, regulation, histone and non-histone substrates), cellular features (subcellular localization, expression patterns, cellular roles and function, biological effects of substrate protein methylation, connection to cell signaling pathways, connection to chromatin regulation) as well as the role of protein methyltransferases in diseases as well as perspectives of future research. This collection of review articles provides a useful resource for scientists working on protein methylation and protein methyltransferases and those interested to join this emerging research field.

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