Scheme of  epigenome editing by EpiEditors

New research project

October 10, 2018 /

Allele specific epigenome editing

Epigenetic modifications are important controls of the human genome, which determine in each cell whether and how strongly individual genes are read. Accordingly, the targeted alteration of epigenetic properties is an attractive way to modulate the properties of cells without interfering with the actual genome. As part of the Epigenetics program of the BW Foundation, a new cooperation project "Allele Specific Epigenome Editing - Development and Clinical Application" of Prof. Albert Jeltsch and PD Dr. med. Susanne Bens from the Institute of Human Genetics of the University Ulm  will be funded for 3 years starting in November. The goal of this project is the development of allele-specific epigenome editing, a superspecific form of epigenome editing that targets only one selected allele in the target cell. The project also plans to test the applicability of this method in personalized medicine.

Epigenetics Program of the BW Foundation

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